English is the language of International business, it is how we communicate to a global audience.

Let me assist you with my range of services centred on proofreading/editing of English text, translation of Dutch to English, and language tutoring. Covering all kinds of requirements from the proofreading of business documents, websites, books etc, and the translations of business documents. The service offered is fast and efficient.
As a Native English Language Consultant with a degree in Communication, and qualifications in English Grammar and TESOL, in addition to over 30 years’ experience working in British business, you can be safe in the knowledge you are receiving the best possible service.

For those looking for English language assistance I offer lessons via my online Skype school.


Fast, efficient, reliable service for businesses and individuals. Content checked and edited for a professional finish to your writing.


Have your business documents translated from Dutch to English and ensure the finished product sounds natural and professional.

Skype School

Learn a language from home or office, one on one, with a native speaking experienced teacher at my Skype School

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English for Everyone!